I fear I only have one option and it is to become a huge football supporter. Why is that? Well, several reasons.

For one, I live in France, all they will talk about for the coming month is football. I will breathe football, I will watch football and I will eat football.

Secondly, I happen to live in the city chosen by the England national football team to reside during the competition. As a result, my little town seems to be way more excited by their venue than by the actual French football team. A bit awkward if you ask me how they support England but hey, I’m just an outsider from Belgium! You may wonder why I  will eat football. Well, all the shops are decorated with English flags, little football balls can be found in every store (yes, also in our very French lovely cheese shop!).

Thirdly, the Belgian team is supposed to be really good this year. But I have limited chances of seeing them on French TV so I suppose I will have to support either the England or the French team.

So hooray for football and can’t wait for July when I become a devoted biking fan but that’s another story and I’ll tell you all about it in due time!

Oh and I should not forget to mention that in-between I’ll be drinking Champagne at the horse racing track, yet another story!!

So much happening this month in my cute little town 🙂 Almost too much to bear!