For almost any parent, the month of June refers to the end of the school year and is an extremely busy month.

Between studying for the exams for the oldest kids and attending BBQ’s, there isn’t much time to do anything else on week-ends.

Let me list the BBQ’s foreseen in June: it started last week-end with the scout’s one, followed by the sports & BBQ day in school tomorrow, then my son’s fencing club BBQ, my daughter’s wall climbing’s club one, my daughter’s end of primary family party, the farewell BBQ parties and so on.

In June, we will think BBQ at lunch and dinner time. Good thing no one tries and organises one for breakfast, we’d all go mental. Comes July and we are happy to finally sit down and just get bored on a regular week-end! Comes August and we miss the June madness!

By the way, good thing we eat meat and love BBQ’s! And good thing the sun usually decides to come out and shine at the start of summer, imagine all of this in the rain!

You may wonder, what’s the link with “On becoming French”… Well, guess what we brought to our first event last week-end… On top of the meat of course… Cheese and baguette!! How French can one become in 3 years time?