Have you ever considered crossing the street in France requires a certain amount of courage?

It is quite a dangerous adventure. For cars to stop at the zebra crossing to give way to a family is by no means “standard” behaviour in this area. When it happens, we (as in my kids and me) are always surprised and each one of us thanks the driver.

When watching TV the other evening, I got confirmation this “not letting pedestrians cross” is really written in the cultural behaviour of French drivers. How is so? The show I was watching is composed of a series of humorous scenes and in one you could see an elderly couple joking that in Germany every car would stop as soon as you approached the pedestrian crossing. The characters they depict are a bit nasty and grumpy, hence really funny. They would stand at the crossing, pretending to want to cross, and laugh at how the cars wouldn’t know if they could go on and drive or stop.

I never thought we were living a dangerous life but I am pleased to tell you I am the Indiana Jones of Chantilly, I conquer the streets by making sure why kids can safely reach the other side of the road!!