After how long would you say you know a place?

I’ve been living in Chantilly for 3 years and I feel I “own” the place in the sense that I know my way around, I’ve been to most nearby cities, I know where to get most things. We have a general family doctor, the kids love their school, we have friends in the area. We take part in the local life, the kids are enrolled in different sport clubs and artistic activities, we go on walks in the surrounding forest, visit our city’s beautiful castle on a regular basis and so on.

So I like to think I know this area I have really come to love.

But the other day, talking to a local, she asked me when I had moved to the area. I mentioned living here for 3 years, feeling comfortable and concluded I considered knowing it. The person then dismissed it and said she had been living here for 30 years and she knew it probably better than me. Not doubt about that!

But I don’t see how or why this should be a competition. Who cares? As long as you feel you know your way around, doesn’t it mean you kinda created a new home away from home?

Made me think, after how long do you think one can say they know a place? A week, a month, a year, a decade, never?


(Photo taken by me during a stroll to the beautiful castle of Chantilly)