The other day I ate frog! Yes I did!

That’s it, just had to say it, to take this burden off my chest!

Now, what did it taste like? Honestly? I have no clue!

I was in a high-end restaurant, everything was delicious and really well presented. The frog bit came in as a little something to nibble on with your aperitif, whilst you read the menu. My husband and our friend insisted on me trying it out: come on you’re a food blogger living in France, you have to taste it! So I did…

I have absolutely no recollection of what that appetiser may have tasted like, I was just so focussed on managing to eat it that I didn’t enjoy it, I was just glad once I had swallowed it. I can’t say it was bad, neither can I say it was good. I just don’t remember. Pretty odd for someone who is really into food!

What is the weirdest thing you ate?