Saying goodbye sucks, it really does, it’s not easy but aren’t these the best? Doesn’t it mean it was worth meeting the person?

If saying goodbye is easy, what does it say of the relationship you have/had with the ones going away?

Whatever your age or your situation, at some point in your life you will go through separation. Sometimes it’s simple, it’s just a temporary one and other times you know it will be a lasting state, not knowing when you will see the person again.

Sadness, emptiness, nostalgia are all experienced when going through that dreadful moment.

But it also means you cared, you met wonderful people having an impact on your life, you made friends and they brought you joy, happiness and a lasting friendship. Which makes it all good, for now.

I’m going through this goodbye stage at the moment, a few of my very close friends are leaving for new adventures and it hurts. But goodbyes do not only affect adults, kids are impacted as well.

I had this conversation with my daughter just a few days ago. She will move from primary to middle school in September and half the kids in her class will change school.

She was asking me if she had to keep in touch with one specific friend. For me, just wondering about this means she shouldn’t bother. If it’s not evident, if you question the added value of keeping in touch before the actual leave, it might be you are not “real” friends with one another. I gave her the example of her best friend from our days in Brussels. She kept in touch with her despite our move, they would write each other and she would get really excited to receive a letter in the mail, they would Skype and so on. Staying in touch was never a question, for neither of them.

So I guess that if you wonder, if you weight the pros and cons of staying in touch, it’s probably not worth the effort. True friendship is not questioned when it comes to it.

Real friendship doesn’t care about the distance, there are enough ways of keeping in touch nowadays.

It’s OK to be sad but just hold on to these tears. Enjoy every minute you have together, you might not see each other for a while. And then, let them all out … until you reconnect and realise this friendship is still very much alive.

Saying goodbye