I’m a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl. But once a year, I make a real effort, I dress up and even put on a hat. Why oh why? To prove I can actually walk in high heels? Nope! For a wedding? Possibly, but it’s been a while since I actually attended one and my only hope to enjoy another one of those lies on my brother’s shoulders (gosh, he’s gonna hate me for writing this! No pressure little bro!!)!

Last Sunday was not any given Sunday, it was the one day of the year I play the game and put on a dress and a hat (well, to be fair, the weather forecast wasn’t great so I opted for trousers this time). And I wasn’t the only one to do so, 30000 other souls decided to look their best and gather on the Chantilly racecourse for the “Grand Prix de Diane“.

With my friends we lived like the rich and famous for a day: pick nicking on the green, drinking bloody expensive Champagne, enjoying the sun (yes, it was really warm and almost sunny in the end, not happy to say I got sunburns), the good company, a concert by les Brigitte (a French music band) and the relaxed atmosphere.

The venue was spectacular, the place was decorated in such a way it was enchanting. A hat contest gave us the opportunity to spot some really extravagant creations, leading us to feel for some of the “poor” ladies sporting those huge pieces of art.

To live this experience to its fullest, I took on me to carefully study the program: description of each race, names of the horses and jockeys, … I then got up to queue at the desk and bet: number 6 on race 1, number 5 on race 2 and so on.

Should I mention I didn’t understand a thing of the program and choose based on the horse’s name whilst my friend was choosing based on the colour of their outfit? Maybe not the most scientific approach but it paid off, for both of us! I bet 15 € and won 20,5, not bad! This was worth celebrating, and off it went in a second glass of Champagne!


The afternoon went by like in the blink of an eye. At six thirty I said my goodbyes and almost ran home, afraid I would transform in a gold fish, just lying around on that blanket in the sun sipping Champagne and wine!

Doing nothing all day was so relaxing I was exhausted!

And guess what? This year we are extra lucky, we’ll get to repeat all of this during the first weekend of October. A billion (yes, a billion!!) people followed the “Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe” on TV last year and lucky me will attend it in October right here in Chantilly!!