The sun is shining, that’s it, I’m wearing a short sleeves t-shirt!

The sun is shining and suddenly I’m super duper warm, I’m melting, I’m liquefying, it’s bloody 30°C all of sudden. Yesterday we were still in the 15’s! We went from autumn to summer in not time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love nice weather, it’s good for everyone’s morale. People seem more relaxed and smile more and it almost feels like holidays.

But does it ever happen that when looking around you feel a bit awkward?

jacket and shorts

(This is not a montage! Looks odd but taken on our way to school, at 8 AM, 24°C, lady wearing a jumper and a winter jacket!)

As soon as the temperature reaches 13 degrees Celsius I don’t see the point of wearing a jacket and as soon as it hits 16, I’ll mostly be seen in my T’s! I’m one of those people who are quickly too warm. I didn’t use to be like that but 2 pregnancies messed up with my body temperature. Or maybe I’m just a Northerner?

When on holidays it becomes obvious I’m not functioning like everyone else. Take our last family trip, not so long ago. We spent a fantastic week in the beautiful city of Lisbon, it was brilliant and we all loved it. We were lucky, the sun shone most of the time and we even got close to 20°C.

From what I wrote here above, you can easily deduct how I must have been dressed! There I was in my short sleeves t-shirt, sunscreen applied (I don’t want to take any risk) and sun glasses on, enjoying the warm weather and beautiful sun. Well, super warm to me. My hubby and kids were still sporting their jumpers and I kept asking them if they were not too hot.

So here we were, walking up and down the streets. I was in awe of Lisbon’s beauty but also amazed by how easily you could spot the locals: they were all wearing their winter coats and scarfs! Dang I felt warm for them!

Is there a point to this story? I’m tempted to say not really, sorry for the disappointment! Or maybe there is: wherever you go, there are always warmer places where people feel cold; or colder ones where they feel warm. Not so long ago I heard someone say that when living in Canada, they felt it was warm when the temperatures went up from minus 40°C to minus 17°C!

Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy the sun, the rain, the snow and the beauty that lies in nature and especially the various shades of colour and light they put on our surroundings.

20°C in the world

(Image found on the net)