My holiday from motherly duties start tomorrow!! I have been waiting for it for weeks, months, almost a year!

For two and a half weeks my kids are leaving on their annual scout’s camp. They love it and so do I.

Two weeks of no question, no constant interruption, no food restriction, no schedule to respect, no one to put before me. It will be about me, myself and I. And my husband!

Two weeks of doing nothing, of doing everything, of doing what I want.

It is so out of the ordinary I had to make a list of things I actually want to do. Amongst which going to Paris to discover new neighbourhoods, visiting museums and exhibits, trying out new restaurants with the hubby at night.

I also planned a city trip with a dear friend. I haven’t been on one of these for a very long time, not an acceptable time, so I booked my train tickets! I feel alive!!

By the end of the two weeks, I’ll eventually start counting down the remaining days before we are reunited with the kids.

And on the day we pick them up, as soon as we reach home, I might already long for the quieter days the following summer!

Motherhood is all about ambivalence!


(Photo by me)