During the length of my kids scout’s camp we have a 2-hour window every evening during which a group mobile phone is turned on. Parents just need to get through to talk to their kid(s) and hope no one is keeping the line busy for too long.

We made some arrangements with my children before their departure. My son requested we call him every Thursday, Saturday and Tuesday and after some thinking my daughter went for the same. Easy.

Quite surprising if you think that last year she didn’t want us to call her at all and even refused to talk to us when we did call! I know, we didn’t respect her choice but I missed her! Going on camp means no parental interference! Got it now!

Thursday 7:15 PM. My calendar reminds me it is time to contact our children.

With my husband we start with our 9 year old boy. He seems to be having fun so we’re happy, we ask if he wants us to call back as foreseen on Saturday and he confirms he’d like that.

I’m always amazed at how incapable I am to actually recognize his voice over the phone, he sounds so much younger. I sometimes even say his full name to make sure I have the right kid on the other side. You can laugh but two years ago we had the “wrong” daughter. We did notice it immediately as her way of speaking was very different from my daughter’s language. Anyhow.

Comes our 11 year old daughter’s turn. She doesn’t seem too ecstatic to have us on the phone, she barely answers questions so we decide to let her go back to her friends. But before that we ask her when we should call her next time. Saturday and Tuesday as planned? No, not before next Thursday is her answer.

Good girl, that’s my daughter! Independent as always. I was already surprised she had talked to us after only 2 days away.

I love how different my kids are.

phone call