I woke up really early today, too early for me. At 4:45 to be precise. I received a text on my mobile from the train company reminding me today was The day! I couldn’t fall back asleep. I was way too excited for that. Oh well.

For some reason it took me forever to gather the energy to actualy get up. So much time I had to run to get my train to Paris. I don’t understand what happened, I usualy have time to spare at the station, but not today!

On schedule at “Paris gare du Nord”, I stood in line to get my coffee fix, I can’t start my day and think properly without a good dose of cafeine.

By the time I had my capuccino in hand, I received a second text message from the train company: 20 minutes delay. Immediately followed by an e-mail correcting that to 35 minutes.

After walking back and forth outside to breathe some fresh air I felt I had to get in.

The line to get on the fast train to Amsterdam was getting longer by the minute. People were calm but a bit ennoyed.

The screen still showed a 20 minutes delay although we were way over it already!

Finally, the train from Brussels arrived and as soon as the flow of passengers had made its way out, we received the green light to embark. Forgotten all the security measures put in place, the Thalys (fast train) had to leave the station before the fatidic hour otherwise claims to be reimbursed could be made!

I’m now happily sitting in my comfotable chair watching the countryside go by at 300 km/h. I can’t wait to get to Amsterdam and see my friend Ileen who left France 10 days ago.

Please, pretty please, train company, no more text messages!