Autumn in Chantilly is stunning. Autumn in general is a stunning season. The colours are breathtaking if you just take a minute to observe the nature around you.

Day after day the temperatures go down. Still they don’t seem to be quite sure about the direction to take and afternoons can be warm and sunny.

Autumn must be my favorite season of all. Morning walks are the best during that time of year. The cold bites your skin and you feel alive, the freezing wind makes it hard to speak. But there’s no real need to do so, just take in the beauty of the ever changing colours of the leaves, the morning fog and the birds singing.

Watching the sunrise is just amazing. Take a minute, stand still and look around you, watch the sun go up, it is so fast you could easily miss it. Whether in a city or in the countryside the light is beautiful at the beginning of Autumn.


A few steps further down the road I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the sunrise as the sun appeared over the forest, bright and orange.



By the time I reached the Chantilly castle, down the road, the luminosity had completely changed.


One morning doesn’t ressemble the other, last week the fog was the main actor and it was equally beautiful. It floated above the water canals and felt magical.




Witnessing the beauty nature has to offer around here I find myself lucky to get to live in such a beautiful place.

What about you, what is your favorite season?