What does a trip back home imply for you?

For me, a few things are non-negotiable. The one thing that is a must, even if only for a few minutes is a visit to a supermarket. I know it is silly, France has got plenty to offer and the supermarkets are filled with products. There is no shortage or anything. Except I can’t find all the goodies I used to buy when in Brussels. I discovered new items but others I miss.

To enjoy this first visit to the supermarket and live it to its fullest potential this has to be a lonely experience. A one on one thing, the supermarket and me if you see what I mean!

Mind you I love my family but it can take some time as I looooove to wander each alley and study the newly launched products. It can take forever and drive my family nuts. So why bother taking them along if none of us is gonna enjoy the outing?

After spending 4 months away from Belgium I am finally back for a few days and guess what? I visited my supermarket and went home with their free magazine full of recipes, descriptions of their new products and ideas. I know it’s completely frivolous but hey, this makes me super happy!!!


What about you? What sits at the top of your “must do” list when you get back home?