Once again it is a school holiday in France. We do get a lot of them. In fact, every 5 to 7 weeks kids get 2 weeks off. Yes, you read that right! We were lucky and got the opportunity to spend some time at the Belgian seaside. I quickly prepared 3 backpacks for the kids and myself. Time to teach them not to bring too much on a trip (same goes for me!!) as we would each carry our own belongings. Hubby had to stay home as he was working but he did join us for the weekend.


Going from Chantilly to the Belgian coast is not a big deal, it is about 3 hours by car but that’s not what I opted for, I’m not so keen on driving. Plus, once there I don’t need my vehicle at all. We hopped on 3 trains to reach our final destination. Good thing is there is no need to transfer from one train station to another whether in Paris or in Brussels. So quite straightforward although a bit time consuming.


First train was a joy, everyone was still a bit sleepy. Once in Paris we did have to wait almost an hour for our next train. That was also OK! Trouble started as soon as we got on the second train, the crowded Thalys. By that time the kids had had enough. To make things easier I had not brought any electronic devices for my children as I wanted them to get out and take in as much fresh air as possible. It didn’t help during our journey! I even brought a book thinking I would read, optimistic me!!


At that point when addressing my lovely offspring I was no longer a loving mom, I was more of a Lord Voldemort hissing between my teeth. The train was full and except for us, really quiet! With a forced and faked smile on  my face I was trying to keep everything under control. You know that feeling, right?!!

The last train was just too much for them, they got really excited and started to play together but you know, the kind of games that rarely end up nicely. In the end, it was a good thing that train car was almost empty, it gave us enough space for me to separate them.

All in all, having left home at 8 in the morning we arrived at the seaside round 1:30 in the afternoon. We quickly dropped our things at our home for the week, grabbed something to eat and head off to the beach, finally!!!

Let me tell you, a day at the seaside is never boring and was worth the trip!