Miami. Photo credit Caroline from the blog The ca-nest
Miami. Photo credit Caroline from the blog The ca-nest

In this world filled with craziness taking a step back can be necessary. How to find balance and harmony with all the non-sense going on?

Watching amazing sunsets has a calming effect on me. The colours, the light and the way everything changes in a fraction of a second. Nature never ceases to stun me.

It got me thinking. The world is so vast; do sunsets resemble each other around the globe? To find out I asked a few of my blogger friends to send me sunset pictures that meant something to them.

The photos I share today were taken in France, Belgium, America and Canada. Each one is different and yet similar in that it shows many of us share a passion for beautiful moments.

A big thank you to Caroline, Elisa, Laëtitia-Laure, Marie, Marion, Sandrine and Sophie. Discover their blogs by either clicking on their name or by finding all the details after the last photo.

Wherever you are, take a moment to enjoy the sunset and relax whilst the colours evolve and the sun finally disappears for a few hours.

Sunset over the Belgian seaside
The Belgian seaside. Photo credit Maya from the blog A Belgian abroad
Sunset over Miami
Miami. Photo credit Marion from the blog Miaritz
Sunset over Pismo Beach
Pismo Beach, California. Photo credit Sandrine from the blog La Sardine de Californie
Sunset over the lac leman
Lac Leman, France. Photo credit Caroline from the blog The ca-nest
Sunset over Washington DC
Washington DC. Photo credit Laetitia-Laure from the blog French Twist D.C.
Sunset in Texas
Texas. Photo credit Sophie from the blog Des idées vagabondes
Sunset in Ontario
Prince Edward county, Ontario. Photo credit Elisa from the blog Femmes de GenY
Sunset over Equihen-plage
Beach of Equihen-plage, France. Photo credit Marie from the blog tights & sequins
Sunset over Guethary
Guethary, France. Photo credit Marion from the blog Miaritz

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