It all started 6 months ago when I told my husband I wanted to create a new blog to write about anything and everything but food! I already have a foodblog in French, no need for a second one in English! I do have thoughts not involving eating, drinking and cooking! Yes, I do! I am a versatile lady!!

Anyways, I came up with the name “A Belgian abroad” quite easily and after a quick search on the internet saw the domain name was available. I bought it because in life you have to dream big and think long term. I know, I know! At that point I had not written a single word and there I was thinking of the future possibilities. Better be prepared than sorry my friend! One thing I didn’t do right though is investigate user names on the various social networks. It explains why on Instagram I had to go for @onebelgianabroad. Ah too bad but I can live with that!

Once you decide to launch a blog, you have to opt for a platform, I went for WordPress as I already knew it and was happy with its back office (the part you see when you actually write an article). The look and feel, what any person visiting my blog looks at, is the most complex part if you ask me. There are just so many options to choose from: thousands and thousands of free themes. Yes, you read that right! But this shouldn’t come as as surprise, each website you visit has its own look (based on a different theme). When I launched my blog I went for a basic one, just wanting to get it online. Why such a hurry? Because once you start overanalysing, you don’t do much and I knew I would never start if it wasn’t for that moment when my motivation was at its peak.

For a while I was happy as everything was set up and all I needed to do was write and publish. I knew I had settled for a theme that I did not particularly like. It was not ugly, just really bland. I started browsing the internet, looking for information about various themes. Still, so many options I froze. I don’t function well when I don’t have a minimum of guidelines. It’s like when I need to pick a holiday destination: the world is so big I start running in every direction like a headless chicken if you don’t point me in the right one!! Same for choosing a new theme: give me a few clues and I’ll know how to find my way.


Through a very helpful and friendly Facebook group I discovered you can copy/paste an url and find out which platform and theme is used by the website you are looking at, quite practical! I tried several new themes that needed a lot of customisation which I can do as long as it’s basic. Don’t ask me to change the code in order to get the layout to fit my needs. In the end I didn’t like them, couldn’t do what I wanted; I kept my very simple layout. But I still wanted to change it!

But the day has come for this change to actually happen!!! Do you want to know how I did it? Well… I have a secret weapon… My husband! That’s right! I’m lucky enough to have a geeky husband who knows how to look for themes, who doesn’t get bored by studying hundreds of them, who knows how to code, who will contact the developer and inform him/her of errors in the existing code and give them extra lines to include in the current version used by plenty of people to improve it. So yes, thanks to him I have a new theme that corresponds to what I was looking for. I don’t know how he did it. I gave him a drawing of what I wanted. Just look at the end result: it looks a lot like my business requirements!


All of this to explain why it took 6 months for my blog to look exactly the way I wanted it. It feels nice! Until next time, not too soon though, let’s stick with this one for a bit!!!

I hope you will enjoy this new look and feel and quickly forget about the old one! Let me know if you like it!