I have received so many beautiful sunset photos I can’t resist sharing more with you and adding a part II to this gallery. Just for the pleasure of the eyes, let’s travel to Africa, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the US. Wherever in the world, sunsets are mesmerising and catch our breath. We all seem to stop and take pictures to keep that brief moment alive for a little bit longer. The photos are ordered by country/continent, I hope you enjoy them!

A special thanks to all the photographers:  Charlotte, Coralie, Dominique, Ileen, Isabelle, Marion, Sophie, Thomas (and myself!). You can find more about their universes below the pictures.


Coralie is a serial traveler who has lived in many different places, from Mexico to South Africa, Paris and now Puerto Rico . Sending me these 2 pictures taken during a trip top Namibia a few years ago, she mentioned it was one of the most beautiful one she had ever been on.

Sunsets over the globe
Wildlife reserve in Namibia – Photo credit Coralie (Les 6 doigts de la main)
Sunsets over the globe
Namibia desert – Photo credit Coralie (Les 6 doigts de la main)


Dominique is a globetrotter who took the below sunset photo whilst in Australia. The colours are just amazing.

Sunsets over the globe
Australia – Photo credit Dominique (Une femme, une idée, un chemin)


This picture was taken a few weeks ago by my husband. I remember rushing back home that day, after picking up our kids from school; thinking I needed to get there on time as the sky was just amazing. Unfortunately something came up and I was unable to take the picture I intended to. I was so happy when I saw my husband had been captivated by the same sunset as me.

Sunsets over the globe
Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris, France – Photo credit Thomas

I took the  following picture last summer at the end of a hot summer day in the South of France. Sunsets in the Luberon region are beautiful, the area is so relaxing and is worth a visit.

Sunsets over the globe
Luberon, Provence, France – Photo credit Maya

Middle East

My friend Ileen moved to Jordan over the summer.  She keeps telling me how Amman is a huge city and Jordan a beautiful place to live in.

Sunsets over the globe
Amman, Jordan – Photo credit Ileen (Les Enfants à Paris)

North America

Charlotte moved to Berkeley, a city facing San Francisco, about a year ago. She captured the sun going down when the fog and the mist were spreading over the Pacific Ocean;  its light getting intricate with both on the horizon in a very poetic way.

Sunsets over the globe
The fog over the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, California – Photo credit Charlotte (Beyond the Bridge)

Sophie lives in Texas. This is one of the first sunset picture she captured when living there.

Sunsets over the globe
On the road, between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, USA – Photo credit Sophie (Des idées vagabondes)

Isabelle  lives in Kansas and took this picture not far from where she lives. Looking at this sunset you can only imagine the serenity one must feel when admiring the sun going down on the lake.

Sunsets over the globe
Kansas, USA – Photo credit Isabelle (FromSide2Side)

Dominique lived for 6 years  in New York, half of which in a building right next to the World Trade Center site under reconstruction. She keeps memories dazzled by the light of the sunsets and sunrises, she was less impressed by the deafening noise night and day!

Sunsets over the globe
New York City – Photo credit Dominique (Une femme, une idée, un chemin)

Marion takes us to Miami in this last sunset picture. You can almost feel the warmth of the city through the colours.

Sunsets over the globe
Miami, Florida, USA – Photo credit Marion (Miaritz)

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