I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Really, I don’t! I keep hearing and reading about the Marie Kondo’s Life-changing magic of tidying book: it’s so great, what a good read, … Well, I just don’t get it. I felt this read was a total waste of my time!

Let me be clear, I am convinced tidying up my house would be fantastic and is actually much needed. That’s not what I don’t get. What I need is someone to explain why this is a  220 pages book.  The author keeps writing the same thing over and over. I really felt the urge to stop reading this, I couldn’t bear her book. The thing is it started really well, I was so happy to receive my copy, I just couldn’t wait to get on with it and apply the principles I had heard so much about.

The first 30 pages went by really quickly, I devoured them. I took notes on the first pages gazing at how promising this read was. By page 50 I got stuck. Now I mean really stuck. I would take my book with me when I would have time to read but would never actually open the book. I just couldn’t stand it. Eventually I managed to reach page 60. Nothing new there, she was again repeating the same stories. I decided to read diagonally a few passages and got from page 60 to 220 in 15 minutes. Nothing new.

Then it hit me. If I wanted to apply Marie Kondo’s concept I should only keep the objects bringing me joy. Her book was definitely not part of those. I felt much joy when I opened the door to one of the “free book boxes” you can find on the street where I live. I placed my book amongst other volumes, closed the box and walked away.

Joy, joy, joy!

I do keep a few very interesting take aways from her book that I am happy to share with you:

  • You should only keep objects that bring you joy.
  • In order to make sure they do, take one object at a time in your hands and think about how you feel when doing so.

That’s it. 220 pages…