Longing for more. Is it time to move?

That moment when you realise you had enough of the country/place you live in.

When the desire to move on to the next step becomes stronger day after day.

When it becomes too difficult to overcome that feeling.

When you ache thinking you might stay put.

Time to go? (Drawing by my 9 y.o)

Looking out the window you see the same old same old.

Walking down the now familiar streets becomes a burden.

You want more.

You were once in the honeymoon phase, everything was yet to discover and exciting.

Nowadays the sight of it irritates you.

You know it’s time to move on, you feel it in your guts.

You can still see the positive around you and be appreciative.

You do not loathe the place, not yet.

You know you are slowly getting there; it is a slippery path so you try to be careful not to fall.

Nothing has changed; except for you; you want more.

Staying burns all of your battery, requires way too much energy.

It is definitely time to go.

You no longer make plans for the future, it becomes hard to foresee events further away than next month.

You constantly wonder where you’ll be in a few months time.

You hope but there is not much you can do when you are not in the driving seat.

What to do if there is not perspective, not the slightest clue that a move is in the cards?

How do you do to stay focus on the present, on the here?

Because in the end, despite your doubts, life goes on and it is here and now.

So you’d better enjoy it and make the most out of it; you only live once!

Live life like there’s no tomorrow