Family manager, now what’s that for a job? Is that even a real job? If you ever came across the below job offer, would you apply for it? And yet, without even taking any further action it could quite possibly already be yours! Maybe you just didn’t label it properly? Welcome to the club!

So here is an ode to all the Family Managers in the world: thumbs up and keep up the good work!

Family ManagerFamily Manager – Job description

We are currently looking for a confident, committed, professional, multi-talented and experienced Family Manager who will embrace working within an ever evolving, entrepreneurial, diverse & demanding network. On top of the Family Manager responsibilities described here below, the ideal candidate will endorse the roles of CFO*, COO*, CEO*, PA*, …

The Family Manager position is of great importance for the smooth running of all family operations. Your work will go a long way to make sure the internal stakeholders (spouse and dependents) can perform their duties at the highest possible level. Despite all of the preceding statement, this role will be considered as a support one.

All in all, you will be the glue that holds everything together!

Family Manager – Role & responsibilities

The successful candidate will be responsible for:

  • Managing the family within the constraints of scope, time, cost, risks and resources while balancing its needs;
  • Answering all incoming calls, messages, emails and people ringing the doorbell;
  • Organizing all family travels according to recurring activities, business trips and guests planning;
  • Managing third-party suppliers, food and household essentials;
  • Filling in tax forms, liaising with authorities, filing of all official documents;
  • Keeping track of all birth certificates as well as of their official translation;
  • Maintaining a comfortable and safe living space: responsible for the general upkeep of the house, ensuring it is organized, tidy and secured.
  • Acting as a liaison officer re- plumber, electrician, house manager, heating maintenance company, chimney swipe specialist, house insurance, etc.;
  • Setting up of phone and internet connections;
  • Updating all personnel records: vaccination, benefits, pocket-money and pension plans;
  • Creating and managing on-boarding and off-boarding plans and activities;
  • Managing a team (size can vary from one family to the other) and keeping its members happy;
  • Engaging the children and their parents into an active and healthy lifestyle;
  • Working closely with all parties involved to identify issues and clarify specific and day-to-day needs;
  • Running children’s parties and events according to carefully developed birthday parties, sleepover and casual/formal dinners booklets (currently not available);
  • Working collaboratively with whichever groups exist to ensure optimal integration;
  • Complying with security procedures and best practices at all times;
  • Complying with Conflict of Interest and Confidentiality Guidelines;
  • Providing knowledge and skill transfer to dependents, spouse and nearby Family Managers;
  • Managing priorities & interdependencies, building consensus and resolving conflicts with multiple stakeholders;
  • Negotiating, managing, and obtaining approvals on deliverables as agreed to by the family committee;
  • Monitoring daily, weekly, monthly and annual spending: actuals versus planned budget analysis;
  • Managing communication to ensure everyone is aware of any significant change in a timely manner;
  • Foreseeing contingency plans for any possible event;
  • Performing post-move follow-up to determine user issues, levels of satisfaction, potential improvements and extension of on-going training efforts.

Family Manager – Skills and qualifications

  • High degree of flexibility and adaptability
  • Fully functional in loud working environment
  • Resistant to high pitch noises and wining
  • Hard working (24/7 shifts)
  • Outstanding communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Team player able to perform in total autonomy
  • Strong personality ready to brave loneliness
  • Passionate about everyone and everything
  • Independent, open-minded, reliable and motivated with a strong sense of humour
  • Initiative taker
  • Walking calendar
  • Empathic, soothing and supportive, previous therapist or school counselor experience is a plus
  • Well organized
  • Attention to detail
  • Solid experience working as a relocation and real estate agent is a plus
  • Strong IT skills, proven track knowledge of all social media platforms and internet in general
  • English strongly advised on top of any language spoken by the family
  • Previous exposure to multiple tax systems is a plus
  • Total commitment to Health and Safety with a basic medical knowledge
  • A wholehearted commitment to working with children is essential
  • Excellent organizational, planning, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to build and maintain strong relationships with adults and children alike, with neighbors and Family Managers in the area
  • Ability to consider multiple points of view and managing conflicts
  • Decision-making skills
  • Strong interpersonal, persuasion and negotiation skills
  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects with competing priorities and strict deadlines.

What we offer 

Eternal recognition… for the lucky ones…

If you think you have what it takes to be part of our glorious international “Family Manager” corporation, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity and apply today!

*: CFO (Chief Financial Officer), COO (Chief Operating Officer), CEO (Chief Executive Officer), PA (Personal Assistant).

Family Manager
A Family Manager hard at work: making sure all parties involved are having fun.