Honey, what do you think about moving to France? Well I don’t know… What’s in it for me? What are the benefits of living in France?

Here are a few of the perks I experienced since living here. A short list of things that are definitely better here than anywhere else in the world!

#1. Fresh baguette

Fresh baguette is hard to beat!

#2. The variety of delicious cheeses

Delicious cheese platter

#3. The wine

Do you prefer white or red wine? I enjoy both!

#4.Starting your day with a café crème and a fresh croissant

#5. At minimum 25 holidays + 10 public holidays…

Benefits#6. The variety of landscapes

Benefits#7. Ease of traveling across Europe

Benefits#8. A combination of #1, #2 and #3 makes for a perfect evening!

Enjoying a glass of wine in France

Wait… What?? 25+ days of holidays? Yes, that’s right!! And it is not uncommon for people to take a month-long holiday during the  summer school break. Just like that? Yes, just like that…

My personal favorites are the variety of landscapes, the wine, the cheese and fresh baguette.

Do these benefits talk to you? What are the perks you enjoy where you live?