Do you want to know something juicy?

holidayI’ll tell you something juicy! When on holiday, not everything runs smoothly. Yes yes, nowadays it is still allowed to openly say that you are not a supermom and superwoman! Yes you can still find families struggling to get their kids behaving properly and get them out in the fresh air. I thought I’d give you one picture per nice sentence one of my kid said to me during my 2-week holiday with them. My husband was at work so it was just me and my two monsters!

Remember, we spent (note the past tense although we still have 3 days to go!!) our holiday at the Belgian seaside, the weather has been great with a bright blue sky almost everyday. Just to give you some perspective.

There is nothing to do here.

I’m bored.holidayI hate you.

holidayYou’re the worst mom ever.

holidayWhy do you smile? (You have to imagine the tone of voice that came with this one)

holidayI hate the seaside.

holidayIs there a law forbidding to give homework during the holidays?

holidayWhat can I do? Tell me what to do.

holidayI’m cold (although I did mention to put an extra layer before heading out)!

holidayDid I mention I’m bored? Well if I did I hear it so many times that it can be noted twice!

holidaySee, this is why I need this!

And this!

holidayBut at the seaside I take evening walks on the beach and gaze at the sunset. And that is priceless.

holidaySo, here it is, the ugly truth behind my holiday with my kids!

When does school start again?!!!