Letting go of the ties, embracing the future…

Many people feel connected to their home country or home town. The intricacies of ties that keep a link alive can take various forms: a house you own, family, friends, a subscription to a newspaper, newsletters from your favorite restaurants or theatre… One day you might wake up thinking it its time to let go of some of those ties.

Little things such as unsubscribing from mailing lists or leaving Facebook groups.

More consequent actions such as selling your house back home.

Not so long ago we decided  to sell our property back in Brussels. We’ve been thinking about it for a while now but never took it a step further by taking action. Recently we decided to actually go with it and sell. And you know what? I don’t feel a thing!

It is quite surprising. We have lived in that house for 7 years but since leaving Brussels I have not seen it once. In the beginning I could not even get close to our old neighbourhood, it was too much for me and I would be very emotional. Later on as my kids absolutely wanted to see it I accepted we drive by. I covered my face with my hands as soon as we approached it and pressed hard on my closed eyes. That way there was no chance I would see it.

letting go
Our house back in Brussels on the day the movers came to empty it

I have fond memories of that house, it was cozy, it was homie, it was home, my home, our home. We decided to buy it on the day my daughter turned 1, we had much joy living there. So many memories, friends and family gatherings, birthday celebrations, good news, sad news, building our life in a place we thought we’d stay in for many many years.

But as soon as we moved out there was nothing left of us in that empty space. Just walls. Our presence and belongings made it our nest. Still, we could have reinvested the place had we decided to move back to Brussels.

Sometimes it feels that if we were to go back to that place that gave us so much it would mean starting back off where we left when we decided to move abroad. As if nothing had happened… We would probably have put our furniture exactly where we remembered it to be, not looking at the many opportunities an empty space offers.

Selling our house does’t mean we won’t ever go back to our old town. It just means we are letting go of the past and embracing the gazillion possibilities that lie in our future. Letting go to welcome what’s next.