I have a bad feeling about this upcoming summer break. I fear I will come back just to learn this and that friend have left from one day to another without having a chance to properly say my goodbyes.

Two years ago one of the first friends I met in my new life left France. It was the first time I had to say goodbye, not knowing when I would see my friend again.

Last year, 7 of my friends left, of which 2 were close ones. It hurt for a while and I took a step back, isolating myself, making sure not to create new friendships, making sure I was not creating more opportunities to get hurt.

This year “only” 2 of my friends were moving away, one of them not going very far so I know we’ll meet again soon. But then, all of a sudden, all hell is breaking loose: I keep hearing this or that person just decided or was just told they were going back home or on onto their next adventure. It keeps coming and I don’t like it.

Sculpture in Dublin

And now, a good friend of mine just told me she got a job offer and is negotiating the contract. But it is happening, for sure.  Quite fast on top of that. Which means I might not get a chance to say goodbye. She’s going to a country where I will probably not travel. So unless she comes back to visit, I won’t see her for a while.

Although I knew she was applying for jobs abroad, although we’ve been talking about it regularly, it still comes as a shock. Things picked up quickly in the past few weeks.

So here I am, going here and there over the summer, not knowing what I will come back to.

Having to say goodbye over and over again sucks.

On the bright side, having friends all over the world is fantastic!

Goodbyes suck!