Hi,me noir et blanc

My name is Maya and as the name of my blog might give away, I’m Belgian! I am married, have two children and our family is now settled in The Netherlands after living in France for 4 years.

In another lifetime I was an HR professional. For 14 years I worked in international banks in varied function: recruitment, compensation & benefits, payroll, reporting and finally project management.

It all changed when we moved to the country next door mid 2013, from the bubbling Brussels life to the somewhat calmer, greener and well, let’s say it, countryside life in Chantilly, just North of Paris. Fast forward to August 2017 and we are now in The Netherlands, ready to face new adventures!

In November 2014, to reinvent myself, I started blogging (in French) about food at www.atableavecmaya.com. I really enjoy writing, cooking and eating so this was the perfect opportunity to combine all these ingredients and get myself out there. I thoroughly enjoy this activity but feel there are others subjects I would like to tackle and my food blog is not the right place to do so. Moreover, this time, I’d like to write in English.

So don’t hesitate to tag along.

To get in touch with me, send me a message: maya(at)abelgianabroad.com

Hope to hear from you,