Everyday life

Discover Belgium from A to Z

Today I decided to take you on a tour of my home country through the  alphabet, each letter referring to a word followed by its explanation. Some facts, some Belgian humour and all in all…

Everyday life Thoughts

Nature makes you humble

Nature makes you humble. Maybe. Nature makes me humble. Definitely. I am what you could call contemplative. There is a profound need in me to walk and admire my surroundings. Put me somewhere you…

Everyday life

A trip back home

What does a trip back home imply for you? For me, a few things are non-negotiable. The one thing that is a must, even if only for a few minutes is a visit to…

Everyday life

Craving >< Abundance

Having spent 3 years in France, I realised the other day some of my eating habits have changed. Which led me to think about what I enjoy most in France, what I miss from…

Everyday life Thoughts

Kiss kiss hello

Do you cheek kiss, hug, shake hands, wave or something when greeting someone? Do you do a mix depending on the situation or the person being a friend, a colleague, an acquaintance, a family member or…

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